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Information Overload

In the fast-paced world of HR, information overload is a constant challenge. Decision-making becomes daunting, and reliable support is hard to find. The HR Toolkit is your solution, offering a treasure trove of the latest trends, best practices, and expert guidance to simplify your job and elevate your expertise.

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Access a curated collection of over 1200+ HR resources including articles, training videos, HR policies & forms, presentations, and more, covering a wide range of HR needs.

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Super Affordable

Unlock the full HR Toolkit for a simple one-off price of Rs. 15,000. No recurring fees, just a straightforward investment in elevating your HR strategies.

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Instant Download

Gain instant access to the entire toolkit upon purchase. Download resources instantly, allowing you to implement new strategies and solutions without delay.

What's Inside?

12 Specialized Folders to Meet Every HR Need. From staying updated on the latest trends to implementing effective training exercises, this toolkit is your key to success in the dynamic HR landscape.

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135+ Articles

Stay up to date with the latest HR, Leadership, and Management trends.

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112+ HR Policies

Stay ahead of HR policies and best practices with our comprehensive resources.

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180+ HR Formats

Access well-designed HR templates for enhanced efficiency in your daily tasks.

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45+ Employee Recognition Resources

Discover strategies to keep your employees happy, translating to improved customer satisfaction.

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56+ Conflict & Discipline Resources

Learn the art of managing workplace discipline and resolving conflicts successfully.

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45+ Employee Engagement Resources

Boost your team's morale and engagement with practical ideas for a thriving workplace.

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103+ HR Folder Resources

Learn valuable information and guidelines for improving the core competencies of your team and yourself.

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50+ Management Tools

Empower yourself with tools for strategic decision-making and effective management.

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133+ Presentations

Invest in your team's professional development with impactful presentations on various HR topics.

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197+ Train-the-Trainer Resources

Enhance training programs for organizational success with our curated resources.

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88+ Training Exercises

Engage participants with customized exercises and games, ensuring motivation throughout your training sessions.

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44+ Employee Surveys

Utilize different types of surveys to drive growth and success in your organization.

Easy & Instant Access

Purchasing the toolkit is fast, easy, secure and can be done in under 1 minute.

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About The Author

With 40+ years of experience, Imtiaz Hussain is a seasoned professional dedicated to empowering businesses through strategic human resource management. Holding dual Master’s degrees in Political Science and Administrative Science, along with a Bachelor’s degree in Law, Imtiaz combines academic prowess with extensive practical knowledge.

Passionate about the transformative potential of human resources, Imtiaz envisions organizations thriving amidst global challenges by investing in their people. He sees HR as a crucial business unit, leading and leveraging human capital for success in the "Game of Business." Imtiaz emphasizes recognizing and rewarding high performance and potential.

As the Founder and Executive Director of World of Human Resource Professionals (WHRP) and HR Connect Pakistan, Imtiaz spearheads a non-profit fraternity in Pakistan dedicated to fostering professionalism in human-resource management. Imtiaz Hussain's leadership makes him a driving force in shaping the future of organizational success.

Simple & Affordable

Don't miss out! Gain instant access to over 1200+ carefully chosen HR resources at an affordable price. Download them instantly and transform your HR strategies today!

Rs. 15,000 (one time)
  • πŸ—‚οΈ 1200+ HR Resources in the Toolkit
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Benefit from a comprehensive toolkit that caters to all levels of HR professionals, enabling you to bootstrap your HR processes and strategies effectively:

β†’ HR Associates: Build foundational HR knowledge, access templates, and stay updated on the latest trends.
β†’ HR Business Partners (HRBPs): Empower your strategic role with management tools, presentations, and resources for effective decision-making.
β†’ Department Heads: Optimize team performance with employee engagement resources, conflict resolution strategies, and leadership insights.
β†’ CEOs/Directors: Drive organizational success by implementing HR best practices and staying ahead of industry policies.
One-time payment to get instant access to the HR Toolkit. There are no hidden or recurring charges.

Refund: Due to the digital nature of the product, no refund is provided. We're confident in the impact of the HR Toolkit but please feel free to explore the free sample .
You can download and keep the toolkit for as long as you like. The only condition is that you do not redistribute and resell it further without written authorisation from us.
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